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Know your Wood - Wild Olive/Olienhout

Congratulations to Henk Dames for your quick correct answer.

We think you might agree that this one was easy to identify and that two of the samples we shared are very recognizable, but the third one is not such a common look for the Wild Olive. This beautiful part of the tree is actually the roots! (see bottom right pair on image) Younger trees tend to be a bit dull (e.g. top left of image) and older trees have a more distinctive texture. The Wild Olive is one of the most popular species to use for knife handles because of the woods fine grain and extraordinary character. 

The prize of this Know your Wood Competition is our first "Know your wood" set with 10 different types of wood in a box. The species in this collection are Tambotie, Olien (Wild Olive, our star), Rooi Ivoor, Minger, Hardekool, Boekenhout, Lebombo Ysterhout, Kameeldoring, Bruin Ivoor and Swart Ysterhout. You can buy this Know Your Wood #1 on our website.

For our Knife makers, get your set of Wild Olive/Olienhout here!